Special TV Show on Discovery

Many many memories.

Lapka Rita Sherpa was our lead Sherpa. We hiked up with up him 11 days. We spent every night and on the trail all day with him. He is a fantastic person and would be honored to call him my fiend. He is a great person. I talked with him on the phone the day before the avalanche as he tried to convince me to hike differently down to from base camp.

Joey was our base camp manager who managed the base camp and gave us our base camp orientation.

Michael who was one of the initial responders was the lead western guide for the climbers, my brother.

Many of the shots of the climbs before the avalanche where the exact route we took and in many cases at the same time as the NBC crew.

Todd, the President of Alpine Ascents was the team that we contracted with to climb to Everest and the team that John, my brother contracted with the to assist for his summit.

Our base camp was at the base camp where the documentary was based.

Many of the climbers we hiked up with were shown in the Punja ceremony including my brother was shown with his Mari jacket and getting his face blessed during the ceremony.

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