Mountains Finished

Well the mountains are finished.  We had a big weekend with Tony, Chele, Dominic, and Kelly to spray mortar on the mountain.  We used a sparying tool from to spray mortar on the mountain.  All of the mountains had been covered with chicken wire and mortar soaked sheets.  The mortar had dried and now we needed to build up the mortar.  We used a 4 nozzle sprayer and it did a fantastic job spraying a thick coating all over the mountain.  We decided after seeing the spray pattern was to leave it as sprayed and it gave it a very mountain kind of look.  On the very vertical surfaces we had screwed a stucco mortar mesh to give the mortar some sticking power onto the sheets.
This was a family effort. We needed a crew to mix the mortar, move the mortar, spray the mortar and finnally someone to shape the mortar.  We had to rent a large compressor to have a large flow and we reserved a weekend to finish it up. A lot of preparation was done before the weekend. We took down everything around the mountains, covered the tracks with plastic one thing I hadn’t realized was how far the mortar sprayer would spray.
Here are the mountains during and after we finished spraying.



After allowing the mortar to drift for 4 days, I spray painted all the mortar with a light grey concrete paint. Then the next day we spayed a brown concrete stain. First we diluted the stain but found that it was not giving us the right look.  Joanna and Joe were my helpers to spray the stain on the mountains.

After the brown we applied a black concrete stain. As with both stains we varied the coverage to give it a spotty streaky look.



We then added a camaflouge curtain on the backside of the mountain that was open to help our neighbors view.


Next up was installing drains in the valleys of the mountains to facilitate. The design of the drain has a cap to allow for cleaning of the drain in case of stoppage.  The drains allow us to put plants in valleys.


After letting everything dry, we then put the portals back, the trestles back, and the rock abuttments.

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