Nianjema School


In Tanzania, only 20% of students receive a secondary education.

Nianjema Schools has an enrollment of 300 students for the 2013 school year. This represents a dramatic rise from 2001, when 90 students and 7 teachers first entered the new school.

Founded as a co-educational school to provide a secondary education for young people who would not otherwise have access to one, Nianjema School emphasizes equal education for both girls and boys, particularly in math and the sciences.

Students come from Bagamoyo and surrounding areas to Nianjema School to find a good education.

Once there, they also find community, life-changing experiences and their future.

Nianjema students receive a solid grounding in mathematics, science, and the humanities throughout the school day, with their afternoons dedicated to enriching activities including sports, debate, music, and art.

And the students flourish.

Nianjema is unique in offering a very high quality learning experience at a cost affordable to the students and their families. Student tuition is important to supporting the school.

The support of Tanzanian and American donors, who give generously of time, materials and money, is even more so. Scholarship support gives impoverished students the chance they need to get an education. Please support Nianjema by making a donation.

Nianjema School Details

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