The Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin of Fatima

Our next day we headed to Zakopane, home of the Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin of Fatima.  An entire church was built after Pope John Paul II was shot and he recovered.  The entire city prayed for John Paul II and they publicly said that if he recovers then they will build a church dedicated to the Holy Virgin of Fatima.  Pope John Paul II believed that the Holy Virgin of Fatima saved him.  The church is beautiful and we had Mass in one of the side chapels.  Zakopane is located in the mountains of Poland but unfortunately the weather was very foggy and we could not see the mountains at all.
We now head to Krakow stopping along the way to visit Kalwaria Zebrzydowska which is famous for the “Calvary paths” that Pope John Paul II used to walk to and from his home town.  Haley, Chele, and I got the opportunity in the rain and foggy weather to walk some of the paths up the mountain.
Each night after we have finished our touring we meet as a group and have dinner.  The tour is very busy as we usually get up around 5:30am to 6, breakfast and then leave on the bus for the tour.  We usually get back around 6pm, dinner at 7pm, then a little socializing with the family and then off to bed.  It has been full days.
DSC02087 DSC02091 DSC02101 DSC02108 DSC02130 DSC02131 DSC02132 DSC02135 DSC02137

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