Krakow City Visit

We walked into the city on Monday night and found a great restaurant with a Polish band playing.  Mikey practiced his “clinking of the glass”.  We enjoyed some polish dishes.  We had some wine but with an earlier experience with Polish wine, we opted for some Italian and Australian wine.  Nana Sue showed us a musical fountain on our walk back to the hotel.
In the folmorning we visited the Pope John Paull II Cultural Center.  This is a memorial to John Paul II.  Several large churches were inside along with many side chapels.  My son Anthony gave me a rosary that he made to touch at all of the holy sites in Poland.  I have done that many times this trip.  In one of the side chapels was the stone where John Paul II was laid out after he died.  In the bible on the stone is some of John Paul II’s blood.  You can see my rosary on the relic in the picture below.  I also lit many candles in the chapel for different intentions for all of my kids and other special intentions.
We then finished up with a final visit to the Krakow square.  We had a leisure breakfast with coffee and more “Pope Cake”.  Erin couldn’t last another day without some Pope Cake.  She promised ro get the recipe and work on making it for the beach.    We then wished Krakow good bye, drove to Warsaw where we will have a very short night and then fly out tomorrow at 6am.
It has been a wonderful visit.  We have met many wonderful people on our tour and made many friends.  It has been a great trip.

DSC02418 DSC02419 DSC02421 DSC02426

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