The Salt Mines

Off to the salt mines to see the oldest continuous working salt mine.  The mine operates 24 hours a day and has been working for 700 years. It is mainly a place where tourist’s visit now and they have over 500 employees just supporting all of the tourists.
We dropped down into the mine in a very very small elevator.  We then walked along some of the corridors and say chapels where the workers prayed.  We saw some very large halls that had been hallowed out and carvings and statues created to adorn the hall.  We leaned how the mine operated throughout the last 700 years and how important salt used to be.
DSC02304 DSC02305 DSC02308 DSC02315 DSC02319 DSC02325 DSC02333 DSC02354 DSC02359 DSC02360 DSC02361 DSC02367 DSC02368 DSC02384

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