A surprise visit with the Cardinal

We arrived at the Archbishop’s Residence in Krakow on Monday and I was surprised that we were received by Cardinal Stanistaw Dziwisz.  Cardinal Stanislaw was part of Pope John Paull II’s life throughout his involvement with the church.  He talked about Krakow, blessed us, and gave Mikey two candy bars.  Mikey was thrilled to death.  It was an honor to see such a holy man.
One of the priests working with the Cardinal took us to the chapel where Pope John Paul II before and after he was ordained worked and prayed.  He then proceeded to give us some insight into his life at the Bishop’s residence and what he did after he became Pope and cam back to Krakow for a visit.  It was a wonderful visit.
DSC02276 DSC02274 DSC02273 DSC02268 DSC02263 DSC02254 DSC02247

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