On the tour with Mikey

One of the joys of this pilgrimage is to be with my family and my grandson, Michael Murry, who we call Mikey.  Mikey has been in a great mood the entire trip. Not that he hasn’t had a few meltdowns but was a joy to be with.  His Aunts took very well care of him, even trying to get Nicky to sleep in a different room so they could spend the night with Mikey.  Everyone wanted a turn to walk Mikey in the stroller, carry him, and feed him.  Our tour guide called him Prince Mikey because he got so much attention.
Mikey loved to walk by himself and wanted to walk all of the stairs and ramps whenever he could.  He was good sitting in his car seat on the bus with his Aunties entertaining him.  It was great to spend time with him and get to know him.  He learned to notice new things during our walks and tours and everyone worked on helping learn new words.  I watched him grow up for 10 days and it has been wonderful.

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