Construction in Namche

Namche, Nepal shows some of the challenges for construction in this part of the world.

Here is a building being constructed in the center of the city.



The construction crew tries to use as much of the naturally available materials to construct the building. Above you see them using stone from the surrounding mountains on the exterior. All of the other materials must be carried in. There are no roads or airports into this city, everything must be carried. The materials are carried over 30 miles on the backs of the porters. The porter in the 2nd picture is carrying over 190lbs of materials to the construction site.



While Mr. Handyman does not carry your materials to your job site, we provide the same kind of material delivery for any the your repair needs.

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  1. Dear Haley and thank you Haley for the shoes. My feet are growing big and they might not fit soon but they are very pretty. Hopefully you Papa and Erin are wearing good shoes for your hike. We love you.

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