Handling Construction Materials in Northern Nepal

In the United States, it is a short drive to go buy construction materials. Mr. Handyman can pick them up for our customers or our customers can purchase them and have them available when Mr. Handyman arrives to do the work.

In Northern Nepal this does not happen. We are staying in a village called Thame. There is no motorized access. Most construction materials are either carried up the mountain by hand, by Yak, or helicoptered in and then delivered by hand or Yak. The delivery is paid by the mile and weight.

Michael Carney, from Mr. Handyman of the Southwest Atlanta Suburbs passed by a construction material storage area today. Here are some pictures of these materials. All of these materials were helicoptered in and are awaiting yaks or porters to deliver them to the many cities in this part of the country.



Here is a picture of a backhoe that was helicoptered in but now they don’t know how to get it to Thame (see next picture to get a view of the path leading to Thame from this construction storage site.


A porter taking plywood sheets up the path to the city of Thame, it is about a 2 mile walk over paths just like this one up and down. This load weighs about 100lbs and he is walking at about 13,000 ft in elevation.


Seeing all of this makes me appreciate the local Home Depot in most major cities !

2 thoughts on “Handling Construction Materials in Northern Nepal

  1. Wow. Mike, what an impressive journey. As a fellow Mr. Handyman, it does make us much more appreciative of how easy it is for us to access construction materials and life in general. We donated to the school in Tanzania. It was easy with paypal and just took a few seconds. I encourage everyone to consider donating as well to your wonderful cause.

  2. Michael, just catching up on your blog posts and wanted to wish you continued success and safe travels. What an incredible experience and so wonderful to share with so many family members.

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