2nd Day on the Trail

Today we started our 2nd hike of the trail to Everest Base Camp. It was a 8 hour hike with a change in elevation of 2,700 feet.

Here is the Description of Hike
We follow the Dudh Kosi, ascending 2,300ft/700m through Himalayan pine and Doedar cedar forests, to the celebrated village of Namche Bazaar (11,300ft/3444m). The village of Namche is an historic trading post where Nepalese and Tibetan traders exchange salt, dried meat, gold and textiles. Besides being a superb place to shop for traditional crafts, Namche remains the central trading post in the Khumbu, attracting Himalayan and lowland merchants. Our group spends two days in Namche affording us the opportunity to acclimate, visit local markets and spend time with friends in town. On the hike we capture our first glimpses of Everest and neighboring peaks. Hiking time: 5-6 hours

The morning hike to lunch was fine for me. Just up and down and I was able to work on my breathing at high altitude. Our guides have been great in giving us daily lessons on proper hiking techniques and how to hike in high altitude. The big emphasis is to set your pace so you are never out of breath and you hike up the hill using a certain technique for your legs and in breathing.

After lunch we started straight up the mountain. Haley stuck with me the whole way along with a Sherpa and a western guide, Carole. Everyone was great. I was able to set the right pace and made it up the mountain without having to stop except for 2 planned rest breaks. Haley provided jam pack music to make our hike up fun.

I made into our 2nd tea house about an hour after the first person in our group arrived. We are staying in the Ritz Carlton of the tea houses in Namche. We again have our separate attached bathroom with a shower and now we actually have hot water. I was able to get my first shower of the trip.

After a nice dinner, I am heading to bed.

Erin and I enjoying the view along our trail


Yaks passing us on the trail with our bags loaded on them.


A view of our trail


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