Construction in full Swing around Everest – Needs a Mr. Handyman


Construction season in Nepal while hiking the trail.  As I talked about previously, Northern Nepal has some significant challenges to construction.  But like the rest of the world there is high quality construction and poor construction.  The better businesses found quality craftsman and people used their establishments much more than poorer quality buildings.  Below is an example of a quality construction site. Using Mr. Handyman for quality repairs and remodeling is always the best choice just like it is in Northern Nepal.20140424-135746.jpg


Some wood deliveries going to the job site.  The Nepalese people are hard working and dedicated.  You can see from the porter below that he has to carry a very heavy load up a steep trail to get to the construction site.  This kind of dedication is shown throughout the country.20140424-135819.jpg


Not all constructions standards are the same.  Take these steps which are way too high of a riser for US codes.  It is very hard to walk up and down these steps.  20140424-135850.jpg

More construction material to be delivered to the job site.  Here are 7-10 pieces of plywood needed for construction but must be carried up by hand to the job site.20140424-135923.jpg

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