Drive from Delhi to Jaipur – Missing USA construction standards

We got up early to drive to Jaipur on the tour bus. Our bus is very comfortable with nice seats, wide windows and air conditioning.


But….. This did not help make our ride comfortable. The roads between Delhi and Jaipur were terrible. You cannot imagine the variety of trucks, cars, rickshaws, and bicycles. I could not see any kind of truck regulation but I was told it was there. Most of the trucks are owned individually and operated by family members The road was very bumpy either from the traffic or bad construction. We were told that it was primarily poor construction driven from the bribery for contracts to construction companies. Over half of the road was in construction and we were constantly being diverted to side roads. Throughout the trip I could see little evidence of active construction going on. Lots of construction sites, bridges in varies stages of construction but no equipment around the site and no workers, though it was Sundayj, so togh to tell. Many many trucks on the road. We did not go over 30mph most of the way because of the traffic and the state of the road.

Another thing you hear all of the time is the horn. every honks to show they are coming through. It tends to be the smaller you are the more you give way. Many near misses on the highway.

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