India School

Gate1 our tour company on this trip to India sponsors a private school in India in a small village just outside of Agra India. Many of the people that we were traveling with brought school supplies for the children.


We got to meet the children and talk with them.


Nana Sue and Papa brought with them the snacks that Papa is going to use on his climb up to Mount Everest. We gave each child one of the snacks.


Many were not sure what it was but once they tasted it they wanted more.

Schooling is so important here in India. The government schools do not do a great job in teaching the children and the competition to get into the colleges is very fierce. The children in the rural areas (70% of the people in India are farmers) do not get a great education.

A local man recognized the need and opened up this private Indian School. He now has 300 students in 7 classrooms. Through Gate1 Travel they are working on funding additional classrooms and supplies.

This story is so familiar as my cousin, Charlie Sloan, started a school in Tanzania Africa many years ago. His school is called Nianjema and supports students from per-school through high school. Nianjema School Details

It made all us very happy to be a small part of helping these students.

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