Is an Elephant ride better than a bad Bus Ride ?

We we have had some challenging bus rides and then tried rickshaws. Not happy with either we deiced to try an elephant ride.

We are in Jaipur India visiting a 16th century Amber Fort. This fort is very intracite and very very large. There is a long climb up to the top so we decided to “Ride and Elephant” like the royalty.


A very nice ride but we will take the bus next time.


As you visit countries around the world you see that there are the rulers and everyone else. This is the same in India. This complex was built in the 16th century. The 3rd Mogul ruler was one of the interesting ones, his name was Akbar. He had 12 wives and 365 concubines. He build his palace with 12 bedrooms for his wives but with a special passage that anyone of his wives could come to visit him without the other 11 wives knowing. Many passages, stairs, and hallways. Mom and I almost got lost just exploring. From the top we were able to view Jaipur’s original city wall and a gorgeous lake below.

This part of India benefited as it it was the passage way through India, so taxes had to be paid and the ruler of the time benefited. The ruler made a lot of money from taxes and funded a very opulent life style and magnificent buildings.

3 thoughts on “Is an Elephant ride better than a bad Bus Ride ?

  1. Simon and I would like a Papa ride when you come back. A bus and elephant sound nice but it would be much more fun to ride on your shoulders.

  2. Will you be strong enough to carry Nana Sue over the threshold of the new condo in Battle Creek. That would be a grand ride!

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