5th day of the hike to Everest Base Camp.

Today we backtracked most of the day on the trail that we took yesterday. Yesterday’s hike was another altitude adjustment hike. Last night we stayed in the city where our head Sherpa lives as well as some of the other sherpas. Our head sherpa’s last name is actually Sherpa.

We were invited first thing in the morning the parents of our head sherpa and they served us tea. We got see how they lived, it was a great visit. They are wonderful people.

One of our stops was a covenant monastery. This was for the Buddhist faith so I am not sure if they are called nuns or something else. We were invited into the prayer room to participate with their prayers.

I felt a lot better today. We have been up and down between 11,500 and 13,500 ft in elevation. Hiking with this group for me has been a challenge. I am just taking one step at a time. I am usually the last one to come into the break or to finish but not by much. The key is to pace myself and avoid altitude sickness. You have to breathe deeply while hiking, keep yourself hydrated, eat well, and sleep well. I wasn’t that hungry yesterday but forced myself to eat. Today my appetite has returned. Sleeping has been a challenge, I miss my cuddle partner !

I have been passing by a very small spring flower on the trail. I have asked several people and they don’t know it’s name. I have called it the Suzanna flower. So every time I see one on the trail now I think of Suzanna.

John and I just as we are leaving this morning.


Yaks being loaded with our bags


Our Head Sherpa’s Parents at their house for tea


The Monastery



Haley speaking Nepalese to some children during our lunch


The Suzanna Flower


2 thoughts on “5th day of the hike to Everest Base Camp.

  1. Rick Keller (seems people are calling me "Doc" a lot lately which to me means you are not young any more. says:

    On vacation with Michaele visiting Lindsay, Chip and new babies in Durango so finally catching up to your blog. Good luck and safe travels.

  2. The plant is called Potentilla fruticosa Mount Everest. This is actually a bush. I will think of it as the Easter potential! May you make Base Camp safely and learn what God is calling you to do in His Name!

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