4th Day Hiking to Everest Base Camp

We left Namche this morning around 8am. The sun was out so I just had on 2 shirts and at our first stop, I took off one of the shirts. It is warm while you are walking but as soon as we stop I have to put my jacket on or I will get cold.

Todays hike gained us 1,100 ft in elevation but we went up and down a lot so we climbed significantly more than that. We saw some great vistas. I continued to work on my breathing and steps. I am able to keep my breathe and to walk uphill without having to take breaks. Now the pace that I am going is sometimes very slow. Haley and Erin will tell you that I walk very slow. I usually end of at the end of the group with Haley or Erin, they seem to be taking turns keeping me company. I usually have Carole with me and one or two sherpas. Like yesterday, when an usually steep hill is ahead, one of the sherpas takes my backpack to help me out. This has really helped to keep me up with the group.

Tonight we are staying at Thame, which is home for one of the sherpas. The elevation here is 12,464 ft. We are staying in a very nice tea house. John and I have a shower and toilet attached to our room. The girls do not. They taking care of the climbers and since I am rooming with John I get a lot of the benefits too.

Here is Haley with one of the Sherpas that has been helping me out.


Haley and Dad with one of the great vistas from our hike


Yaks with our bags on them


Yaks passing us on the trail, heading down to pick up more items to bring up.


Erin following John’s helicopter drone (more on this later) and my bag being carried by a porter


Erin and me with our next uphill climb off to our right, you can see the rest of our group hiking up the trail


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