3rd Day – Altitude Adjustment Hike

We are staying a second night in Namche, Nepal. To help adjust to the altitude we hike up 1,560 ft to a hotel on the top of a mountain. Altitude adjustment has been a challenge for me. The hotel is 12,750 ft high, almost as high as I have ever been. The hike was straight up and then straight down.

We have had a lot of training and talks on how to breathe and hike up and down. I have been getting a lot of special training. I usually have a sherpa or two following me and Carole has been with me too. This is because I have been taking my time and I am usually the last one of the group. Erin and Haley hung with me all day today which was nice. Today I was only 20 minutes behind the group. I have learned some special breathing techniques to help me with the altitude. No headaches or nausea which is a good sign so far.

This afternoon Haley, Julia, and I walked to the Namche Bazar. Namche is a very big city for this part of Nepal. They have many shops that cater to the hikers in the area.

Hiking this Morning





Haley, Erin, Carole (our guide) and myself


Erin with Carole leading the way down the mountain


Haley is learning Nepalese from the sherpas. Here are two very nice sherpas in our group


The Bazaar


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