7th Day of our Hike

We moved into higher elevation today. Up and down then a hike down to a river and then back up the side of yet another mountain. I really began to feel the effects of the altitude this morning. A slight headache and a little dizzy. Erin and Haley walked again with me. I really appreciate them doing that as it doesn’t make me so self conscience.

We stopped this morning for a blessing from the Lama in a village that we were passing through. He blessed us for a safe journey, gave us a card to take up during our journey, some rice to throw at any danger to ward it off and he blessed our scarves from the previous ceremony that we did.

We continued to gain elevation eventually getting to 14,600 which is the highest I have every been let alone walking up for 7 days from 8,000 feet. We then walked down a little to our next city, which is about 14,000 feet. We will be here two days to help acclimatize to the altitude. We will be doing a morning hike up the ridge tomorrow.,

I did better in the afternoon as Carole told me that I needed to accelerate my puffy breathing even more to get the oxygen in to my body. I felt better and was even able to pick up the pace some.

This morning before we left Rivendale, we had some awesome views of Everest.


Stopped for lunch, notice the solar stove, the tea pot sits in the middle and the sunlight is focused to boil the water.

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