6th Day of the hike to Everest

Today we had a long hike down to a river and then a long hike back up the other side. We didn’t gain much elevation in our hike today but moved closer to Mount Everest. In fact as we arrived to our tea house, we saw Mount Everest for the first time. Clouds periodically covered the mountains but it sometimes showed off it’s splendor.

The hike up the mountain was very challenging. While we have been at this elevation for several days the climb was very steep with many switchbacks. I started at the front of the group but quickly fell behind. I took my time and used the puffy breath method with our guides have taught us. I made it up fine, just a little slower.

Our tea house is called Rivendale from the book The Lord of the Rings. The tea house is located with steep mountains on either side and a large river flowing down the middle.

Our room tonight has an attached bath and a shower. I quickly jumped in and took a shower and the water was very hot. John soon followed and then the 4 girls took showers in our room (there room did not have a shower or attached bathroom). By the time Erin had her shower (she was the last one) the water had turned chilly from everyone trying to take showers. It felt great to take a shower and clean up. The trail is very dusty and Yaks pass us all day long and you can imagine what is on the trail from the Yaks. Everyone wears a buff (a special elastic scarf) that helps to filter out the dust and Yak stuff as well as to keep the air I am breathing moist. The higher we get up the dryer the air is.

It is very warm today and in the afternoon I was down to a short sleeve shirt. The temperature is probably in the 50s so I put on a jacket when I stop but climbing these hills makes me very hot.

I passed by some more Suzanna flowers today and felt that Suzanna was watching me.



Yaks crossing a typical bridge spanning the many rivers flowing in the valley20140409-180131.jpg

Reminds me of Ireland before motorized cars20140409-180049.jpg


A baby yak, I took the picture for Joanna !20140409-180105.jpg

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