10th day of hiking – Mount Everest Base Camp in Sight

Today we woke up to snow on the ground. It had snowed overnight and it was very cold this morning. Everyone donned some additional layers for our hike and we set out the last stop before base camp. It turned cloudy quickly and started to snow part way through our hike.

I felt better as I started on some altitude sickness medication yesterday. This medicine helps the blood to absorb oxygen quicker. The side effects is that the medication dehydrates you more, so I am drinking more water than before. I generally felt good during todays hike but I took it slower and worked on my pressure breathing.

We entered into the glaciers of the Himalayans today, first from the rocks that older glaciers had pushed to the current glaciers. Base camp is on top of a glacier.

As we rounded one of the corners of the trail we got our first glimpse of base camp. Tomorrow we will walk into base camp and stay for 2 nights. Base camp is located on the glacier at the base of Mount Everest groups of tents organized by the different companies.

As the day progressed it got colder and colder and when we finally arrived at the tea house we were happy to be inside. In the tea house there is one cast iron stove in the center of the dining room everything else is not heated including our rooms. We had a nice warm lunch then everyone either sat around the stove or snuggled in their sleeping bags to keep warm.




Our first view of base camp, look for the colored tents in the lower center part of the picture20140412-151903.jpg










The Carney Family hiking together20140417-111227.jpg

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