Proud of Haley and Erin in Nepal

I am here with Haley and Erin hiking up to Mount Everest Base Camp. As we hike each day from 4-8 hours and spend our afternoons and nights in the tea house dining room I am getting to know each of them better. Especially when there is no internet available.

I see both myself and Suzanna in each of them.

Erin is very driven and is friendly with everyone on our hike. She tries to help anyone in need is always very positive. She works to keep everyone engaged. She has trained very well for this trip and is a great hiker.

Haley is immersing herself into the culture. She learns about 25 new words each day is practicing on anyone she meets. Today she was talking with 4 small children that stopped by while we were having lunch today. Haley has also trained very well and it shows as she plays volleyball and soccer with the sherpas after we arrive our destination.

Both Erin and Haley has been very helpful to me during the hike. One of them has always been walking with me. Haley has been carrying my computer and today Erin carried my water bottles. They keep my motivated and positive and have lightened my load.

Thank you Erin and Haley !




2 thoughts on “Proud of Haley and Erin in Nepal

  1. Congrats to you Mike, Erin and Haley, on such a exciting and challenging adventure. For Hindu the religious teachers are called Swamis and wear orange, not sure about the Buddhists? Enjoying your blog.
    Jennifer D

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