Leading Edge Attachments goes to Everest Base Camp

Michael Carney, a small investor in Leading Edge Attachments, hiked to Mount Everest Base Camp.

There are many challenges to using the LEA attachments here around Mount Everest.

– There is not much automation here, like none, everything is done by hand.

– The trails are only suitable for people, yaks, and horses. No bikes, or any motorized vehicles are capable of using the trails leading up to base camp.

– Getting the heavy attachments here must be done by helicopter.

I have no doubt that LEA attachments could be used here but it may be many years before changes are made to make this happen.

Picture of Base Camp rocks and ice, easily handled by LEA attachments


Picture of Michael Carney at Base Camp


Picture of Michael Carney with the infamous Ice Falls in the background. The ice falls are the first step on the way to summit Mount Everest. If you look closely the specks on the Ice Falls are people climbing up and down.


Picture of an unused backhoe that was helicoptered in but has no way to be moved down the trail.


Heavy wood being transported by hand up the trail


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