Model Railroading History

I am starting to work on a model railroad.  I started my first model railroad when I was 16 years old when we moved to Sanford North Carolina.  My parents had a spare room in the basement and I used my earnings from cutting lawns, delivering newspapers and shoveling snow.  I built a simple HO railroad set which started to be a 4′ by 8′ board layout.  and then I added a few other items.  Unfortunately I never took any pictures but it was a great layout with a city in the center, a mountain and an industrial section.  I worked on it through my last 2 years of high school.  None of my brothers and sisters took it up and when I left college and I moved it to Cincinnati, we moved the layout but with Anthony born and Chele on the way, I had not time.  It ended up not being used.  This though has sown the seeds for me to work on a new model railroad layout here in Peachtree City.  My father always had a dream to build a G-scale layout which is a lot larger than HO that I started with.  I have decided to build this G-Scale model railroad.

More to Come…….

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