Current Progress of the Construction of the Model Railroad

Well this weekend was Easter and a lot of people were home.  Chele was home for the whole week proceeding and she had some time so she made up a lot of curves and helped to bulid out the layout.

I had Tony and Brandon working on Saturday building out the Circus City.

The mainline is done.  The Circus City is done.  Left to do is the South City, the Pool spur and other Industrial spurs.

I have included a time progression of the work that we have done so far.

As you can imagine there was a lot of pressure from Simon and Joanna to see the trains run the track.  I must admit that I wanted to see the locomotives run and to make sure everyting worked correctly.  We had some challenges as we realized that loops caused a short in the track but initially some gaps fixed that and later I found some special tracks that were able to do this automatically.

We ran (2) GE U25Bs successfully with many cars and the circus train (which is always a hit with the granchildren).  So of course after running the locomotives, I want to imporve on the process, that I just how I am.  So more reading, som more ideas and some additional items that I need to try….. after I receive some of the items that I ordered.  Part of the fun for me is that there is many different ways to do what you want to do and it is fun to try different ideas and ways and to detemine what works best.  Even after I decide on something, I love to challenge myself and ask how can this be done better.


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