Finished Last City Loop

I finished the last city loop this weekend.  This city is slated to be the Notre Dame city for the Kalamazoo Toy Train Notre Dame Locomotive and cars.  I found this set in a local model railroad store that was used.  It was a fantastic buy and since them I have bought additional Kalamazoo Toy Train cars (not Notre Dame cars but general cars).

This last city loop caused me some issues and I started on one side and gradually laid out the bed securing it along the way.  This is my largest city loop and by the time I got to joining it back up with the main line, I was off by over 5 feet.  What I found was that there was enough variation at each joint and if each joint was only off by less than an inch, I was off a considerable amount when connecting back to the main line.

I then decided that I had to layout the complete track first before laying out any of the bed for the track.  This was a challenge because the bed is 3′ above the ground.  So I had to create temporary supports that were easily movable.  I was lucky that Jamie Carney, Aurelius Belli, and finally Josh Carney were around this weekend at different times to help me out.  Once I laid the loop, I then decided that I wanted to modify the loop.  One side was too close and there was too much space on the other.  The nice thing is that the layout is completely computerized so I jut go back to the program revise the layout.  The computer layout also makes sure that using specific segments will always get the loop correct and everything lined up.

I really like the height of this city loop.  It is not too high but easy to work on while standing up.

IMG_0240 IMG_0238 IMG_0232

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