Arrived safely into Lukla airport

The first part of our trip is flying from Kathmandu to the Lukla airport. The airport has a very short runway and the runway ends into the rock of the mountain. The runway is sloped up to help slow the plane and to help the plane take off.

Everybody was a little nervous. Only one plane made it in the day before due to weather. We arrived at the airport at 6am, made it through the security process and all our bags collectively passed the weight test.

They immediately boarded us on the plane. It looked like about 10 planes were lined up to fly into to Lukla. Apparently the weather was good and they wanted to get everyone there as quickly as possible.

After a short flight about 35 minutes we landed with no problems. We had now started our trip !

End of the Runway


A view at the end of the runway


Plane ready to take off


One thought on “Arrived safely into Lukla airport

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