Nianjema and Nepal’s Himalayan Cities face similar Challenges

I am dedicating my hike to the Nianjema School in Tanzania. Like many of the villages and people here in the Himalayan mountains there are many challenges to overcome

In Tanzania the electricity is not reliable and can be off for hours at a time. This is true in many of the cities we have stayed in during our hike. The best option for for both is solar electricity. In the case of the Himalayan cities hydro power and wind power would also work. Unfortunately it takes capital money and an infrastructure to make this happen.

In the Himalayan cities most food must be carried in. At these high altitudes and cold weather only crops that grow in the ground are available like potatoes, onions, or carrots. In Tanzania water is a very big issue to water any crops grown.

Only some cities in the Himalayan cities have schools. Our lead Sherpa had to walk 4 hours one way to go to school. His parents felt it was important and required it of him. Some children do not even have that option here. Same is true in Tanzania. There is a shortage of schools and this is where Nianjema really helps out. They are offering schooling to African children at a very reasonable price. Please check them out on the home page tab. Please consider contributing a small amount to this very important cause.

One thought on “Nianjema and Nepal’s Himalayan Cities face similar Challenges

  1. Hey there Carney Trekkers! It is VERY quiet in EBC without you guys! I hope you are having a safe trek to Lukla. I got an update that you had made it safely to Namche. We had two days of training and today we had our Puja ceremony – asking for safe passage up and down – and permission to climb the mountain. I miss you all!!!

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