8th Day of the Hike – Altitude Adjustment

Today we took a day hike up the ridge behind our tea house. The weather has turned colder and I put an extra layer on. The wind was blowing at the top of the ridge. There were some gorgeous views of the Himalayans.

I hiked up to the 3rd ridge and Erin and Haley wanted to hike further so they went with the main group and I hiked back to the tea house. I got up to 14,800 ft today which is another personal high.

I did take a detour and watched one of the camera crews film. There are 3 film crews heading to base camp. This was the NBC crew who is also staying at the same tea house as us.

There is the NBC crew that is filming the climber jumping off the Summit in a squirrel suit. Today I saw them filming on the same ridges we hiked today. We will be following them all the way up to base camp.

There is a crew filming for the remake of “Into Thin Air” and there is also a crew filming for a Chinese movie.

This afternoon we have a lecture on how to deal with high altitude and rest and relaxation for the rest of the afternoon.


Discovery Channel filming for their special live telecast20140412-160730.jpg

Typical village in Norther Nepal, fields are for growing potatoes.20140412-160811.jpg



We hiked up here and then hiked back down to the village where we were staying20140412-161041.jpg

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