Typical Day on the Trail

Our typical routine is waking up at 6am to a very cold room (I am rooming with my brother John). We put on our hiking clothes, pack our duffel bags and backpacks for the day. We put out our duffel bags to be picked at 7am and then head to breakfast. We typical have porridge and a hot breakfast along with tea or coffee. (I have been drinking black tea the entire trip). We then meet up at about 7:50am outside to access the weather and put on the appropriate layers for our hike. We leave about 8am for the hike. We periodically take breaks and usually stop for tea mid-morning for an extended break. We continue to hike and then stop for lunch. After lunch we finish up the hike and arrive at the tea house where they serve us snacks and tea. Usually our duffel bags have arrived when we arrive either from porters or yaks carrying them. We are given our room and we change out from our hiking clothes and usually go back to the dining room which is the only heated room in the tea house. Dinner is usually around 7pm and everyone staying at the tea house is there. Sometimes it is very crowded. Dinners are usually a mix of American food and Nepalese food. After dinner if you want to stay up you stay in the dining room and use the internet (if available – so far only about 50 % of the time), read a book or watch a movie. Sometimes the dining room can get very crowded but it is also warm. Once you are ready for bed then you slip into your sleeping bag and hopefully fall asleep




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