Walk down from Everest Base Camp harder than I thought

It took us 11 days to hike to up to base camp and we are taking 3 days to hike down. I was told that the hike down would be easier but it has only been easier on my lungs. It has been very hard on my legs. Because the climitization was so important we took shorter hikes and worked on adjusting our bodies to the altitude. Now we are taking longer hikes and even on the 2nd day down, I am still at 12,500 ft of elevation. My legs have been very tired at the end of each day. Our first night at the tea house where we stayed, the dining room was very cold, the rooms very cold, and the bathroom was remote

The vistas are still fantastic and exciting to see.

Tomorrow we hike to Lukla airport, stay overnight in the city and then hopefully flying out in the morning to Kathmandu.


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