Adjusting to life in the US

After being gone for so long in such a different environment like India and Nepal, coming back the US is surreal.

Orderly driving (relatively), clean water, food that tastes normal, clean bathrooms, heated and cooled bedrooms, internet that works and works fast. Always having electronics charged and ready to go and a hot shower every day.

There is such a big difference between India and Nepal versus the US that it defies explanation.

I still haven’t sorted it all out in my head and I probably never will.

I am traveling from Atlanta to Battle Creek to work at my second job this week and I stopped by the Delta Crown Club. Here is what I found ! This about sums it up, hot nice pancakes at the push of a button. Maybe I should send one of these to our favorite tea house in Nepal.


One thought on “Adjusting to life in the US

  1. There is a show on the Discovery Channel at 9:00 pm, Sunday, about the tragedy on Mt. Everest. Would be interesting to tune in.

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