Kathmandu Festival


When we flew back to Kathmandu we found that there was a Pepsi festival right outside of our hotel, the Yak and Yeti, appropriately name.

I decided to stroll down the street and see the festival.   Pretty soon I noticed everyone was looking at me.  As I took a closer look at the crowd I found:

1) I was the only white person that I could see down the street.

2) No one was taller than 6′ than me.

3) Nobody had a beard.

4) Nobody was over 50 years old.

Boy, did I look out of place.  And wouldn’t you know it, up comes a news team from a local Nepal news station to interview.  Did I like my stay in Nepal, did I enjoy the festival, what was different between Nepal and America ?  Not quite sure how to answer the questions.



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