Maschsee Lake Festival – Hannover Germany

IMG_0267-0Nana Sue and I decided to visit Haley this August of 2014.  We love Germany and it is probably my most favorite country to visit in the world.  (Dublin is my most favorite City in the world to visit though).

Haley has an apartment very close to the city center and we stayed there all week.  On Maschsee Lake which is a 6 block walk from Haley’s apartment there was a 3 week festival going on and we were there for the last week.  Haley helped us get a one week pass to spa and exercise club and we walked to the club for exercise in the day and then enjoyed the festival at night.  They had many bier tents set up and lots of entertainment.  We ended up walking quite a bit enjoying the festival as well as exercising every day.

I loved to visit the bakery each morning for my coffee and roll and I picked some fresh bread everyday for our lunch sandwiches.  This reminded of our time living in Germany when you always went to the market / store to get fresh food for you lunch and dinner everyday.  German food has very little preservatives in them and you have to buy it fresh everyday.  The nice thing about living in Germany is there is always a bakery and store within several blocks of where you live all of the time.

Nana Sue and I danced a lot at the festival, took a boat around the lake, rode our bikes around the lake and visited many museums.


IMG_0268 IMG_0266


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