Half Ironman in Austria

Haley and Erin are competing in a half Ironman in Austria today Sunday May 17th 2015.  Suzanna and I along with Reanto, Chele, Nicky, and Mikey are here to support them.

The competition is actually in St. Polten, Austria.  You can see the details on the link below.


We stayed in Vienna on Friday night and then drove to St. Polten yesterday to register for the race and to see what the course was like.  We got to drive most of the bike route yesterday so Haley and Erin could see what they had to do.  It is nestled in some mountains and just some gorgeous views.  Attached are some pictures of what they will be seeing on their bike ride.

Haley wasn’t that nervous yesterday but Erin was focused on the details so they were both a little hyper this morning which can be expected as this is a big race.  The race is 1.2 miles swimming in two different lakes right next to each other.  56.2 miles of biking and a half marathon, 13.1 miles for a total mileage of 70.3,

Suzanna is with them right now getting them started.  I am back at the hotel waiting for Mikey to wake up and go to see them during the transitions.

Erin’s bib is 1801 and Haley’s bib is 1772.  The swim starts at 7:55am here (1:55am EST).  So you early birds get up and track them.  The race should last about 7-8 hours for Erin and Haley.

Go Erin !

Go Haley !

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6

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