Fine Finish for Two Fabulous Daughters

Erin and Haley finished in style.  They biked and ran together most of the way.  In fact they were so close at one point on the bikes that Erin got a 5 minute penalty for being too close (3 bike lengths instead of 5 bike lengths, the Austrians were very strict in all parts of the race… Haley got a 15 second penalty for removing her bike helmut too early).

The Carney support team was there at all parts of the race, We saw them 3 times during the swim portion, 3 times during the bike portion and 4 times during the run portion.  We were luck in that there were not many support teams were driving all around and that I was able to program TomTom to find the back ways to get to the bike spots and the run spots.

The girls did very well on the parts of the course that we saw them on.  There were several very steep hills during the biking portion and many of the competitors were challenged but Haley and Erin powered their way through and didn’t stop.

Erin was the old pro helping Haley along and Haley was there to help push Erin when she slowed down and struggled.  They made a good team.

DSC01896 DSC01902 DSC01908 DSC01917

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