Bowling in the Czech Republic

Well who would have thought that we would be bowling as a family in the Czech Republic.  Nanna Sue picked out a hotel from the internet and hit the jackpot.  The Jan Marie Hotel and it has been great !

We had a great dinner, Mikey played on the slide and swing set and then after dinner we went bowling while Erin and then Haley got massages (stress relief from the half Ironman).  We haven’t bowled as a family in….. well ever.  They had a 4 lane bowling lane here in the hotel and while we couldn’t play past 9pm due to noise we had a great time.

Tomorrow we start with our Poland tour and it will be fun !

image5 image1 image3 image4 image2

2 thoughts on “Bowling in the Czech Republic

  1. Reading all your posts and enjoying them,. Hurray to Erin and Haley. They are special ladies!!

    Sent from my iPhone Jeanne


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