Getting the Electronics to Work

After we got everything wired up with the Digitrax components we started to have several problems.

When we moved the locomotives the sound would shut off and locomotives moved slower than I though they should.  We originally though it was because the layout was so big 600 ft of track. But the zone / sections are small and I have about 60 sections (using the BDL168).  I happened to look at my power supply back and I noticed that the voltage switch was set to 230V instead of 115V.  Flipped the switch and what a difference.  Now sounds works better, locomotives are faster.  Still some issues but I am working on one thing at time.

My second problem was sections showing occupied when they were not.  It was all related to one DBL168 and when I went to replace the wire, I found the wir was wet.  After a little investigation, I found that the conduit buried in the ground had water in it.  I dug it up, found a gap problem, sealed it and then put the dirt back (a little too soon).  The following week I again found water in the conduit.  This was my first wiring into the layout and there were a lot of things that I did differently for the rest of the layout.  I decided to go ahead and change all of the wiring and bring the wiring up to the new standard.  That took about a day and a half but Joe and I got it all done.

All wiring set to the new standard and was initially working fine.  Then 2 zones still giving me problems.  I think it is the sensitivity setting or some kind of track problem.  After some investigation I found that I could change the sensivity of the BDL168.   After setting a higher sensitivity, all tracks worked fine and detection was working great.

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