CES 2019 Highlights

CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2019 in Las Vegas


I was lucky enough to attend the show this year and below are my highights of the show. If I had to summarize the show down to 2 items, I would say 5G and Artificial Intellicence.  Everyone was weaving these 2 items into their products to improve the interfaces and make items intuitive.

Things I want to buy now

  1. New ultrasonic toothbrush
  2. Arlo Home Camera
  3. Moen water sensing and shutoff valve
  4. Moen Shower control system
  5. Robot lawn cutter
  6. Smart Blood Pressure and EKG Monitor
  7. Clothes Folder
  8. Tailgate Battery
  9. 360 degree camera
  10. Rollup 8K TV

Thinks I can’t wait for

  1. Self Driving Golf Cart
  2. Self Driving Cars (BMW X7)

Best New Ideas

  1. Use your car to lock up UPS delivered packages
  2. Wheel that can go forward or sideways
  3. Handheld Ultrasound that connects to your iPhone for $2K

Now onto the pictures and what I saw !  A lot of people, this was typical of the crowds.   180,000 people at one place.  I walked 20 miles over 4 days to see everything and even then I didn’t see everything.


Sensing Artificial Intelligance

A lot of hubub around sensing.  Below is Emotion sensing


Physical Stree Sensing – This was donw by a short 10 second walk and then you get an immediate readout of the results.


Cameras can now sense your concentration on advertising and also what devices you have on you.  Next up would be push advertising or a coupon for what you were watching.


Arlo Home Camera, 7 days free cloud video storage, 4K video, lot’s of neat features

arlo camera

Robot Grass Cutterk4n8hthitfmowsn1aw%vuq


TVS galore – 8K was in full force.  The rollup TV and the Wall were the most interesting.  The wall has bevel less panels that can be put togethere in any size.  The rollup TV rolls into a box that is about 12″x12″



My new monitorbjk9jhyfqqu7lfozcftzew

Lots of Virtual Reality but it still has a way to goy2wyrsyjtuqxknzi1jxvjg


Self driving Prototypes


Bell Helicopter – 2025 slated to be in operationq8p7bha7s8agphtw6lvzvg


Payload Delivery Drones – 20 lb for the small one and 70 lbs for the big one


Continental was there but they weren’t selling tires.  They were selling Vehicle Technology



Speaking of Technology – Here is a self driving truck prototype, no driver, no cab.v4igml4csk+fjgrmjrsk0q


You should hear the sound on this motorcyclepo4aort%q7iu2g6szzxtog


BMW is demonstrating the off road capabilities of the brand new X7.  45 degree incline.  22 degree roll over stabilizing.gbvfogtsqymnsg69wvki5g9rcyicseqfwh3nexw+19pg


The new Continental tire that Haley helped to get onto the X7 !9pufpafgs%2vzoliypt4hg




My wheelchair that I want ….. only when I need itedaqkrdrttiiqle1m9fe8q

My new papa chair.  I love the instuctor that comes with the chair

Ben and Mac need this for their family room for the winter practices


Simon needs this to practice his batting !

Eye Checkups at Home


Blood Pressure Monitor that also monitors your EKG



You can give Amazon contol to unlock your car and you can ask to put your packages into the car instead of being dropped off at your office or house.8+ruz1mwsosyilr%wqu%ng

A shade that follows the sun



For the Home Brewers of Beer2qb+qycxqngng%mswfpq5w

If you spend a lot of time in your bathroom then this mirror is for you.



A folding machine – $900 iy4ogtj+t6gyet0dnvu8lqr6urxhcetqkxwb7twmr+uq


My next shower from Moenmhtymkkdtjwhw4c%opwdfq

This is a must purchase for everyone.  a water shutoff and sesning valve.  It can detect a leak of one drop a minute.  Automatic shutoff for big leaks.  It even tells you what devices are using what water.  $499 at Home Depot.


The easiest toothbrush to use.


A folding iPad equivalent !  Yes, in the center bowl, those are pads that fold.


A folding keyboard that rolls up

A globe TV



Robots were all over, from personal assistants to helping you at the house.  Some advertise artificial intelligence and some even walk.  Still too slow and not effective yet.5pmv0xynqm+oaxnnezccqw




Personal transport is going electric.  From scooters to bikes.



Now I can’t wait for this…. a self driving golf cart.uptnon%eqaqtduwtlwy2xwbakhmip9td2joobyqo4s2a


Even John Deere is into self driving.  How about a tractor that drives itself on the farm.p1gqq6fpqly7vt7uemrlxa


How about a suitcase that follows you through the airport, no more dragging it behind you.hi4cr5c9tf2fnz5sfx6srq

Maybe more practical would be a cooler that follows you to your favorite watering hold.



While Drones were fewer I always enjoy the drone show.


Water drones were showed the most.  This drone actually assists you going through the water.




A new type of motorcyle, nobody could catch you on this !axi5brq4qzam6g+o1q6y2q


Oh Darn, the police have one too.gztzkpjzsz+fqsyw4cstiq


My next office chair, oh so comfortable8ga3uookqvmod5ia49%7qw


360 degree cameras.  a 180 degree lens on each side continuously recording.  You can even put it on your dog’s head.cmwqukevshicauthgjt6ewzlz5jasjsnq9opv9hvgkig


Forget gasoline driven generators for a tailgate, this will provide all the power you will need.  And in a pinch will help to power your house.pt6zbvuttselguecm9y9mg


Speaking of power, how about a charger in your ceiling that will charge or run anything in the room.s3eguqqcs42dm5tzvofnga


3D printing was smaller but the everyone was showing metal and composite printers. More for a business but in the future this will be at a dealer to print out a part for your car.%veeahylrg+vczdg40lyaq

Yes, you can print custom golf club headsp%1qwafkq1opb%gm7ufixw

More 3D pictures of some neat printsgcp460j4quqhllj9op1cdghfq1nkxqryc8hxg0ehvykqqqqahywfqx6nuakloyvzpa



How about printing your 3D head in a glass block.  Wouldn’t this be great to have a wedding as a favor to the guests.preopbedtwyu1o465jxxhgdd2yysx7stwdlt4a5ksnwwuspmjr0irgkmuqgtcalmmg6fcd08zlt6uugt1gt9hbdg

Into VR then you need to ball and you can walk anywhere in your world



If I owned a backery, I would be all over this. A bread Making machine ! A loaf every 6 minutes.o3t0fdhirr+beirhnomkjqdkhmns81tnemem6b8vr%ya

My next desk

hxunm5umtzikaypco0elfgLooks like a future school room.


Very Innovative.  The will can go forward, backwards, or sideways.  The black strips in the center of the wheel rotate when the two motors are in reverse.  Perfect for electric wheel chairs or even cars that need to park in very tight placeskpp904omt6e0rf7hwvlgxw


Kettle Bells that track you routine and advise you on what to improve.ndh76ku6tl276l+q+dbcvg

Handheld Ultrasound – $2K and attaches to your iphone.  This will bring ultrasound to clinics around the world and eventually into our houses.


Education – Build your own pad for children


And don’t forget the entertainment at night.


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