Arrived at Base Camp – I can’t believe it

We had a relatively short distance to Mount Everest Base camp but it took a while to hike. First of all we were hiking at 17,500 feet elevation approximately up and down and also base camp is very large. It took us almost an hour once entering base camp to arrive at the Alpine Ascents camp. Each team has it’s own area. It is a first come first serve process to get your site and usually the advance team arrives in January to secure their site. Just like any other process, once you have established yourself you go back to the same site year after year. Alpine Ascents is one of the closet sites to the Ice Waterfall but farthest from the entrance to base camp.

It is very rocky and uneven as the main path winds from camp to camp. Nobody takes care of the path so it is uneven and up and down. The entire base camp is on a glacier with stones on top of the glacier. Many places the glacier peaks out from the stones. All of the tent areas must be flattened by hand either chopping the ice down or adding stones.

It started snowing as soon as we arrived and continued until we left. This much snow and cold is abnormal for this time of the year. I was cold most of the time.

We usually met as a group in a small dining room tent that was long and narrow and had room for about 25 people. We had our meals there and I was either in the dining tent or in my tent trying to get warm in my sleeping bag.

The views were unbelievable and we saw climbers entering and returning the ice falls all of the time which is the beginning of the climb to Mount Everest. The sherpas were still setting the ropes and ladders so no one has summited yet.

I am glad that I was able to spend 2 nights at base but I can’t imagine spending 45 days like my brother is going to do.

As I stay here in base camp I am awed about the effort just to get here as well as so much more effort is required to summit Mount Everest. I am very proud of my brother and the determination, skill, and preparation that he is showing to accomplish this feat. This is not for me but I salute my brother in his summit attempt.






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