Notre Dame Father and Daughter Hike to Base Camp for the Adventure of a LIfetime

Erin Carney (class of ’06) and Michael Carney (class of ’79) hiked up to Mount Everest Base Camp. Haley Carney, another daughter, also joined Michael and Erin.

We hike up 11 days to arrive at Mount Everest Base Camp and then hiked down 4 days. It was a family adventure.

The hike was very physical as we climbed over the 11 days about 10,000 ft in elevation and it was a mental challenge as our bodies had to adapt to the high elevation at base camp, approximately 18,000 feet.

Our education at Notre Dame certainly helped us to understand what our bodies were going through. Michael was on the fencing team ’76- ’79 with 2 National Championships but thought this hike was more physical demanding, at least now with a 56 year old body.

The trip was exciting and rewarding, only married by the avalanche tragedy that took so many lives.

The picture of Michael and Erin was taken 3 days before the avalanche with the ice falls (where the avalanche occurred) in the background.


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