Continueing Electronics Wiring

It has been a good week to work on the electronics, Finally in Atlanta I have a week of no rain. Since I am working 2 jobs, it is tough to get several days in a row to work on the train layout.  So I have been getting up early and going out at dawn and working for a few hours.  This helps because it is cooler in the morning and I am not as tired after working all day.

With no rain in the forecast I am able to put out all of my tools, open all the boxes and leave them that way each day.  This saves me a lot of time because I don’t need to setup and and then put everything away.  I am able to get about 2-3 hours in the morning each day and be very productive in getting the wiring done.

I have the pool electronics box completed.  The other 3 boxes have the electonics installed.  I am in the process of wiring up the power and network connections for each of these 3 boxes.  Next step is to wire up the electronics to the track, turnouts, and signals.

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