Summer Vacations and A lot of Work Done

Brandon and Chele were home for a little over a week after the beach and we got a lot done on the train. We were able to wire up all the track electronics and the turnouts connecting them to the (8) DS64s abd (5) BDL168s which are Digitrax products.  Papa got to test the programs that controlled the trains.  We found a few problems with g the wiring and some of the turnouts did not work all of the time but with everyone’s help we got everything working.  I did have a problem with one zone show occupied around East Loop but I replaced the wire and it all worked fine.

It was exciting to see the train move around the track all controlled by the computer.  I am using the JMRI model railroad software and wrote the programs using python.  I haven’t programmed for a long time but it was like riding a bicycle and I figured it out.  I had spent a lot of time at the beach reading up on the programs and writing the basic programs.

I started with sending the Circus train to Circus City which involved detecting where the train was located and switching turnouts at the appropriate time.

My second program was sending the West City train to West City, a little more complicated but very similar.  After completing these two programs I realized that I need programs to bring the trains home so I wrote those programs too.  These programs are a little more exciing visually as the train will stop reverse to move back to the pool area.

Chele also was able to help me put the plugs on all of the signals, I am using the signals from the South Bend Signal company and get some of the cables ready to install and most of the signals connected to the plugs. We are using standard plugs on the signals so during landscaping and later phases I can disconnect the signal heads and put them away for safe keeping.   It will be a big job to get all of the signals wired up but we got a great start during these couple of weeks.  I want to make sure that the signal wiring all works before we start filling in the gravel and dirt.

Thanks to Chele and Brandon for all of their hard work.



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