3D Printing

I recently received an Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D printer. My plan is to print unique buildings and accessories for my Garden Model Railroad. I have all of my children and son in laws that can 3D program to help modify or create structures that I can print.

We still have a long way to go about learning how to use the printer and it’s features but it is exciting.

I have set up the printer with cameras and remote access so even my children that live far away can still print and verify their designs.

One thing we have established is that printing takes a lot of time and getting the model set up takes some trial and error. Below you see a printing of an outhouse that for all the pieces took about 2 days to print. The lamp post took about 8 hours to print both pieces.

There are many free designs websites but each one needs to be tailored to my printer and sized for my garden railroad. We are also trying to work with a 3D scanner to copy some items I already have and then modify the designs.

It is exciting and a whole new learning experience. Hopefully my family will be able to help out remotely and we can begin building the cities, roads, and other structures. This will make the layout come to life and give it character.

First phase is to just get some standard buildings printed and on the layout.

Second phase is to make some truly unique structures that you won’t find on a typical layout.

Third phase is to make some structures from places we lived, like our old houses, old work places, favorite landmarks.

Fourth phase is to build in a unique character into the structures like working clocks, people moving around and other types of movement to bring the layout to life.

One step at a time. Below are some pictures from our start.

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